Eye Pattern Tiles

COLOUR Duck Egg, Hay, Ivory, Jade, Salmon, Warm Grey

Eye is a playful design where curved lines form an abstract shape. Available in six colours ranging from feminine duck egg blue, colourful salmon pink and a bold jade green. To create a multicolour way, you would need a minimum of one box of each colour.

25 tiles per square metre. Sold in boxes of 12.

20 x 20cm Duck Egg 1.6cm
20 x 20cm Hay 1.6cm
20 x 20cm Ivory 1.6cm
20 x 20cm Jade 1.6cm
20 x 20cm Salmon 1.6cm
20 x 20cm Warm Grey 1.6cm

Because encaustic tiles are handmade using natural materials, the tiles develop their own patina and beautiful lived-in look unlike printed ceramic and porcelain tiles.
We recommend using lighter coloured grouts (not black or dark grey) to prevent the paler areas of some patterns becoming stained.

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